Jan Strydom  

DNS over HTTPS on Raspberry Pi ARMv6

I realised that although I was running Pi-hole and using Cloudflare’s awesome DNS resolver, queries were still sent to and it was time to give it a bit of an upgrade to DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

A quick search directed me to a page which in turn is based on another post from benDews.Com and I thought the search was over. Unfortunately I soon came across a ‘segmentation fault’ and had to dig a litter deeper.

Seems there are three options:

  • Revert back to an older version of cloudflared (2019.8.1)
  • Compile your own
  • Use an unofficial but up to date build

I decided to go with the last option and the good news is that the hard work has already been done by Darren Hobin who compiles unofficial Cloudflared ARMv6 Builds.

Using the instructions with the ARMv6 build worked flawlessly from there on.

I’m not going to list every step in this post since it would be an almost exact copy of the page and wanted to post this for my own records.

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